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What is Henna Tattoos?

Henna Tattoo is one of the popular tattoo techniques, predominantly practiced in India, Pakistan and other parts of Asia. In nature, Henna is found as a flowering plant and belongs to the family, Lythraceae. You could identify them with their height and depressed veins on their dorsal surface.
More than the Henna plant itself, it is the Henna paste which gets a lot more mention. Of course, because of its use in the Henna Tattoo itself. Henna Tattoo is not a mere cosmetic addition to the body, and we will know why it is said so in a few moments. For now, please understand that Henna Tattoos have excellent medicinal value. And some other benefits too.
Here are the benefits that make Henna Tattoos popular!
The lawsone molecules released from the Henna leaves found in the Henna paste release their color to the hands or the part of the body, where the Tattoo is applied. If left for at least 7-10 hours after application to dry out, the lawsone leaves leave behind a reddish-orange color.
Henna Tattoo is nowhere as painful as some other form of Tattooing techniques like the etching technique and so on.
Wear the henna tattoo on your hand during occasions such as weddings, and you would have a rather rustic and a beautiful feel.
For a long time now, Henna tattoos have been used in the Asian sub-continent especially to bodypaste the bride. With some research beginning to be done on this subject, this is gaining popularity in the Western World too.

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